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About Us

About Us

Sustainable Entrepreneur Accelerator (SEA) Africa (Pty) Ltd is a research and development firm that supports businesses in various African markets. Our business model is built not only in offering clients the basic primary research but through the conceptual design research seek to perceive, substantiate and collate critical business knowledge for our clients.

RESEARCH - SEA Africa is positioned to support businesses through its knowledge and design research processes. Our research encompasses a variety of industries and sectors ranging from enterprise development to the green economy as well as socio-economic profiling. Our clients include private, public and non-government/profit organisations both in South Africa and across Africa.

DEVELOPMENT - With over 20 years of combined industry experience, our team comprises of vibrant professionals with solid networks and are knowledgeable of what it takes to venture into new and existing markets. Through this pillar, SEA Africa is able to explore and contribute towards enhancing intra-continental trade.

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